she/her • England / GMT

I’m a 42-year-old English trans lesbian auntie — real name Alyssa — with a penchant for tea, crumpets, jam, and jellybeans. I’ve been playing games under this moniker for decades, and at this point I have something like 18 years of game backlog to catch up on — so I’d definitely appreciate some help choosing good things to play! I also make music (generally pretty chilled out electronic stuff but I love to mix it up sometimes and try different genres, especially when doing commissions!), and play tabletop games like D&D (I keep my D&D mostly on Discord).

I’m a smol Twitch affiliate, streaming as a Vtuber since March 2021. I usually stream Friday evenings at 8pm UK time: usually either games, music-making and/or chatting.

I also make music — sometimes by commission (I’ve done a few BGMs for VTubers and have worked with some other prominent VTuber musicians!), and sometimes not.

My commissions are presently Open; ask me on Discord or via email for terms!

My first official release under this name, Chrysalis, came out on 5 July 2021, on all major platforms including Spotify and on YouTube (as well as specialist ones for streaming like Pretzel Rocks).

I also released a series of lower-effort music background tracks called Auras & Ambience (currently 1 volume but more to come), as well as music under my real name. All of my released (non-commissioned) music can be played DMCA-free (CC-BY 3.0), including on stream (provided you don’t, like, try to sell some kind of bogus exclusivity NFT rights to it like some kinda scammer)!