she/her • England / GMT

About me

I’m a 44-year-old English trans lesbian auntie — real name Alyssa — with a penchant for tea, crumpets, jam, and jellybeans. I’ve been playing games under this moniker for decades, and at this point I have over 19 years of game backlog to catch up on — so I’d definitely appreciate some help choosing good things to play! I also make music (generally pretty chilled out electronic stuff but I love to mix it up sometimes and try different genres, especially when doing commissions!), and play tabletop games, particularly RPGs such as D&D or Pathfinder 2e (I keep those mostly on Discord when I don’t do it in person!).

My name is pronounced in three syllables: myo - ko - cho. People often shorten it to the first syllable, and that’s fine. 💜


I’m a comfy smol Twitch affiliate, streaming as a Vtuber since March 2021. I usually stream Saturday or Sunday afternoons UK time: usually either games (presently undecided) or music-making. I’m generally a very chilled person because I don’t often have the energy to be anything else — but that’s okay! 💜


I stream quieter stuff, like chatting while I do something else, like tabletop gaming prep (map drawing, worldbuilding), on my Discord. Works better for more casual/​ultrachill stuff, we can chat by voice, and I don’t have to worry about whether I can see chat.

Videos (and music)



I’ve been making music for decades, which is a really weird thing to say out loud. It’s been really great to get back into it again. I’ve even helped out with some other prominent VTuber musicians like Lord Aethelstan just for giggles: it’s fun to collab and just jam out and see what happens!

Most recent release: a dream-acid-trance remix of “Fear Not” from Lord Aethelstan’s Mousewave album, produced together with Venus Variation!

All of my released (non-commissioned) music can be played DMCA-free, including on stream! (Just don’t, like, try to mint NFTs from it like some kinda scammer)! See the full copyright policy and details here.



I’ve done a few BGMs for VTubers and things like that, and will sometimes take commissions for that.

See my commission page for details and portfolio.